Udaariyaan 9th August 2022 Written Episode 449

Udaariyaan Written Episode

Udaariyaan 9th August 2022 Written Update

The present Udaariyaan 9th August 2022 episode begins with the eunuchs hitting the dance floor with the Virk family to give gift to Tejo, Fateh and Jasmine.

Amanpreet has sent those eunuchs to bait out Candy alone while Eunuchs keep the Virk family occupied.

Then again, Jasmine is finding the phony knock while Simran jumps into Jasmine’s space to call Jasmine ground floor.

Panicky Jasmine concocts the rationalization of being worn out and sends Simran out of her room.

In the mean time, Amanpreet attempts to decide that he is Treats’ genuine dad and shows him pictures of him and Simran in Canada.

Simran finds Treats absent and the entire Virk family begins to track down Sweets.

Tejo finds Sweets outside with Amanpreet and calls the entire family outside while Mahi takes Treats inside.

Seeing Amapreet in his home Fateh gets fomented and snatches Amanpreet from the collar and advises him to get out.

In the mean time, Amanpreet says he has documented a case in the family court to acquire Treats’ care with the positive DNA report as the proof.

The Virk family attempts to quiet down Fateh while Simran faces Amanpreet asking what he needs.

Amanpreet shouts he needs his youngster while Fateh tosses out Amanpreet from his home.

Inside Virk’s home, Fateh plans to demonstrate Amanpreet as a criminal to cease him from winning the case.

The Virk family guarantees Simran that they will win Treats’ authority at any expense.

Later on, Tejo attempts to rub Jasmine’s knock however Jasmine lies about having stomach throbs while shouting in torment.

Gurpreet removes Tejo from Jasmine’s space to allow Jasmine to rest.

In the mean time, Tejo reviews Jasmine’s anxiety at whatever point she attempts to contact her knock and gets dubious of Jasmine.

Gurpreet illuminates Tejo that everybody is going out while Tejo and Jasmine will be home alone.

Simultaneously, Amanpreet goes into the Virk house while Tejo is cleaning up.

Amanpreet hears the shower sound and goes into Tejo’s room pervertedly.

Tejo emerges from the shower with her back on Amanpreet and keeps on drying her hair with a towel.

Seeing Tejo’s magnificence Amanpreet goes towards her and contacts Tejo’s neck creepily.

Feeling an unfamiliar touch Tejo shouts out and sees Amanpreet remaining in her room while the entire house is vacant.

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