Sheikha Mahra Lottery

In the heart of Dubai, where tradition meets innovation, whispers of a philanthropic lottery bearing the illustrious name of Sheikha Mahra bint Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum have sparked intrigue and speculation. The Sheikha Mahra lottery, rumored to channel its proceeds toward noble causes, has captured the imagination of many. This article seeks to explore … Read more

Zaroorat Rishta

Introduction: In the cultural fabric of Pakistan, the term “Zaroorat Rishta” occupies a prominent place, reflecting the intricate dynamics of arranged marriages that are deeply embedded in societal norms. Literally translating to “necessary proposal” or “urgent match,” Zaroorat Rishta encapsulates the urgency and societal pressure surrounding the institution of marriage. While the concept might seem … Read more

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC)

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation b

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) is a federal government-owned corporation that serves as Canada’s national housing agency. Established in 1946, its primary mandate is to facilitate access to affordable housing for Canadians and to contribute to the stability of the housing market. Understanding the Role of CMHC CMHC plays a vital role in the … Read more

In Karnataka, BJP And JDS Unite Ahead Of Important Elections In 2024. NDTV Clarifies

BJP And JDS In Karnataka Join Forces Ahead Of Important Elections In 2024. NDTV Explanations The Congress had reacted sharply to talk of a BJP-JDS alliance, criticising the smaller party for sacrificing its secular credentials in search of power. Bengaluru: In the Karnataka election four months ago, the Bharatiya Janata Party and the Janata Dal … Read more

As ‘catastrophic’ storm floods hit a city in Libya, up to 2,000 drownings are expected.

Up to 2,000 drownings are anticipated as ‘catastrophic’ storm floods strike a city in Libya. Following the midnight collapse of two aging dams, local authorities in the eastern city of Derna report thousands missing. According to the leader of one of Libya’s two competing governments, up to 2,000 people may have perished in the city … Read more

The Houses of Parliament’s concrete were in danger of crumbling.

Concrete in the Houses of Parliament was in risk of collapsing. No ‘immediate risk’ is posed by Raac’s presence in the Palace of Westminster, a parliamentary official claims. A crisis involving unstable concrete in school buildings has been discovered in parliament. No “immediate risk” is posed by the presence of reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete (Raac), … Read more

Over 329 people are hurt and over 632 people die when a 6.8 earthquake destroys Morocco.

When a 6.8 earthquake decimates Morocco, more than 329 people are hurt and more than 632 people pass away. Several structures, including a UNESCO World Heritage site, collapsed in Marrakech. A violent 6.8 magnitude earthquake that occurred Friday southwest of Marrakesh, Morocco, caused havoc and up to 632 fatalities. Several videos that appeared on social … Read more