Udaariyaan 10th August 2022 Written Episode 450

Udaariyaan Written Episode

Udaariyaan 10th August 2022 Written Update

The present Udaariyaan 10th August 2022 episode begins with Tejo shouting at Amanpreet to get out while he flatters with Tejo.

Tejo tosses utensils at Amapreet to get out.

Afterward, Tejo gets a blade and begins to compromise Amanpreet to escape the house.

In the interim, Jasmine hears the upheaval and sees Tejo undermining Amanpreet and gets cheerful watching Tejo frightened.

Amanpreet goes out subsequent to compromising Tejo to take her with Candy.

Frightened Tejo separates while her legs surrender.

Simultaneously, Fateh, Buzzo and Simran come while Fateh races to Tejo and embraces her.

Tejo lets every one of the occasions know that occurred with Amanpreet to Fateh while mentioning him to do nothing to Amanpreet.

Simran consoles Fateh saying that Amanpreet believes them should get prompted and accomplish something wrong.

Tejo advises Fateh to successfully demonstrate Amanpreet as a crook.

Later in the evening, Tejo sees Simran and Candy in a loving position and reviews her unnatural birth cycle.

Fateh consoles Tejo and calls her a tough lady.

Then again, Amanpreet is conversing with his attorney and guarantees him that Tejo is the way in to Candy’s authority.

In the mean time, Tejo is reviewing the shower episode while Fateh comes and sees Tejo in a shock.

Nonetheless, to occupy Tejo Fateh composes his admission on Tejo’s back sincerely.

Fateh makes Tejo chuckle to encourage her while making future arrangements of living far away in the slopes.

Be that as it may, Tejo cries contemplating not having kids while Fateh consoles her and embraces her to rest.

The following morning, Simran apologizes to Tejo and communicates her anxiety about Amanpreet indoctrinating Candy while Tejo consoles Simran.

In the interim, Jasmine calls Gurpreet and erroneously blames Tejo for not coming to get her from her emergency clinic arrangement and actuates Gurpreet against Tejo.

Gurpreet chides Tejo while Gurpreet goes to get Jasmine with Mahi.

Tejo blames Jasmine for making another underhanded plan.

Later on, Jasmine returns home and begins to play the casualty card of being a defenseless pregnant woman.

Tejo’s doubt arrives at its pinnacle when Jasmine tells her arrangement was at 10:30 while she advised Tejo to get her at 12:30.

Mindful of Jasmine’s falsehoods Tejo illuminates Jasmine that from this point forward she will go with Jasmine to her medical checkups routinely.

Terrified Jasmine begins to go toward her room while Tejo illuminates Jasmine that she will call the specialist to get some information about the present arrangement.

Hearing this Jasmine’s face pales.

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