Review of Judgments and Orders: The Law Ministry submits a petition for review of a Supreme Court decision

1.Review of Decisions and Orders: The Law Ministry submits a petition for the Supreme Court’s ruling to be reviewed.

In accordance with Article 188 of the Constitution and Order XXVI, Rule 1 of the SC Rules, 1980, the Ministry of Law filed a review petition in the SC.

ISLAMABAD: On Saturday, the federal government filed a review petition in opposition to a ruling by the Supreme Court that deemed the Supreme Court (Review of Judgments and Orders) Act 2023 unconstitutional.

According to Article 188 of the Constitution as read with Order XXVI, Rule 1 of the Supreme Court Rules, 1980, the Federation of Pakistan filed the review petition with the top court through the Secretary Law and Justice Division, Ministry of Law and Justice. Identical petitions challenging the legality of the Supreme Court (Review of Judgments and Orders) Act 2023, which broadens the scope of a review petition, were decided unanimously on August 11 by a three-member bench of the top court, led by Chief Justice of Pakistan Umer Ata Bandial and including Justices Ijazul Ahsen and Munib Akhtar.

The court had ruled that the review of judgements law was unconstitutional and that parliament lacked the authority to legislate in relation to Article 188 of the Constitution as it had done with the 2023 Act.

2. Prince Harry is in for a “difficult” month as he relives Princess Diana’s passing.

Birthday months for Prince Harry According to reports, the Duke of Sussex has a challenging month of September for a variety of reasons.

According to reports, Prince Harry faces a challenging month because September, the Duke of Sussex’s birthday month, is marked by a number of remarkable, life-changing occasions, including the passing of his cherished mother Princess Diana.

Jennie Bond, a royal authority, told OK! that the author of Spare’s 39th birthday festivities would probably be soured by having to revisit the events surrounding Princess Diana and his grandmother Queen Elizabeth II’s deaths.

Harry had a terrible time in September because he lost both his grandma and his mother in the week leading up to his birthday the previous year.

Even though the Duke of Sussex has continued his mother’s work in her honor, the royal is apparently going to feel the weight of her loss even more as he gets older and older.

Prince Harry, who passed away in a vehicle accident in 1997 at the age of 36, is said by the expert to have “personal thoughts” as he approaches the age of forty, a milestone the late royal did not reach.

Therefore, those two incidents will always temper his thoughts and joyous occasions.

“Harry carries the memory of his mother in his heart,” she continued. In his interviews, documentary series, and book, he has made it quite apparent that Diana is always on his mind and that her passing has had a major impact on his life, mental health, and overall wellbeing.

“She will be always on his mind as he approaches a decade (his forties) that she never experienced.

3. ‘High aspirations’ for Queen Elizabeth were dashed by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle before her passing.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle retired from their senior royal positions in the year 2020.

The resignation of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle from their high royal positions back in 2020 devastated the late Queen Elizabeth II.

According to royal critic Ingrid Seward, the late Queen had hoped that along with Prince William and Kate Middleton, her grandson and his bride would prove to be a significant asset in keeping the monarchy relevant to the younger generation.

William and Kate were expected to be able to handle a more “professional” gathering, according to the late Queen.

On official royal engagements, “[Prince Harry] always ‘got it’ and brought great cheer to those he met. Meghan also did,” Seward said.

The expert mentioned the late matriarch’s belief in the couple’s broad appeal. She hugged the public in an all-encompassing manner while grinning and pressing flesh. They served as the ideal counterpoint to William and Kate, who were poised and professional yet still brimming with humor.

The Queen had high expectations that the quartet would lead the monarchy of the future, she said. When Mom was gone, they supported their father by splitting up the more tedious and occasionally challenging tasks.

Seward said in an interview with Mirror that everything “went downhill” as “the problems of the world and their lives took over.”

Harry paid tribute to his grandmother in his remarks at the WellChild awards this week, which marked the first anniversary of the Queen’s passing. He was seen exiting the King George VI Memorial Chapel, which is housed inside St. George’s Chapel in Windsor, the following day.

While the rest of the Royal Family presented a unified front, he paid his homage alone. He then took a flight to Germany.

But Meghan and her two kids were back at their house in Montecito, California.


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