Strange ”Alien Corpses” On Display At Mexico’s Congress

At Mexico’s Congress, strange ”Alien Corpses” are on display.

Two purported ‘alien bodies’ discovered in Cusco, Peru, were displayed in Mexico City during a congressional session.

In a previously unheard-of episode, the Mexican Congress on Tuesday staged an odd event in the nation’s capital that sparked discussions regarding the possibility of extraterrestrial life. Two supposed ‘alien bodies’ collected from Cusco, Peru, were displayed in Mexico City at a congressional session on unexplained anomalous phenomena that was live-streamed online, according to the Independent.

Journalist and ufologist Jaime Maussan showed the ”non-human” alien corpses, which he claimed to be the 1,000-year-old fossilized remains of extraterrestrial people, in windowed boxes. Additionally present was Ryan Graves, former U.S. Navy pilot and executive director of Americans for Safe Aerospace.

Speaking under oath in the legislative palace in San Lazaro, Mr. Maussan declared, “These specimens are not a part of our terrestrial evolution.” These creatures weren’t discovered following a UFO wreckage. They were discovered in diatom [algae] mines and eventually turned into fossils.

The two tiny purported extraterrestrial bodies, which were allegedly found in Cusco, Peru, were displayed in windowed boxes in Mexico City on Wednesday, igniting interest among UFO conspiracy theorists.

Jaime Maussan, a journalist and ufologist, organized the event. According to Mexican media, Maussan testified under oath that the mummified specimens are not a product of “our terrestrial evolution” and that about a third of their DNA is still “unknown.”

Additionally, throughout the event, several movies exhibiting “UFOs and unidentified anomalous phenomena” were broadcast.

When the DNA samples from the two corpses were examined and matched to other DNA samples, it was discovered that more over 30% of the specimen was “unknown,” according to Mr. Maussan, who testified before Congress. Additionally, X-rays of the bodies were shown, and they revealed “eggs” and rare metal implants inside one of the bodies.

The general public has a right to information regarding non-human technology and entities. We are discussing a subject that bridges rather than divides humanity. According to Mr. Maussan, as quoted by Metro, “We should embrace this reality that we are not alone in this vast universe.”

The event’s viral recordings have astounded onlookers and aroused terror, excitement, and interest among UFO enthusiasts.

It is crucial to remember that Mr. Maussan has previously been linked to ”alien” discovery claims that were later proven to be false.

Mr. Maussan informed the audience that researchers at the Autonomous National University of Mexico (UNAM) had examined the items and used radiocarbon dating to derive DNA evidence. Over 30% of the cases’ DNA was “unknown” after comparisons with other DNA samples, he claimed.

During the court, X-rays of the specimens were also displayed. Experts testified under oath that both bodies had implants composed of extremely rare metals, such as osmium, and that one of the bodies appeared to contain “eggs” within.

Ryan Graves, the executive director of Americans for Safe Aerospace and a former US Navy pilot, attended the event. Earlier this year, he testified before the US Congress about the danger that unexplained aerial phenomena posed to US national security.

Former intelligence official turned whistleblower David Grusch said a few months ago that the US government is in possession of “intact and partially intact” extraterrestrial vehicles. Mr. Grusch, who oversaw a US Department of Defense agency’s investigation into unexplained anomalous phenomena (UAP), claimed that the US is hiding the existence of craft with alien origin from the general public.

In the past, Mr. Maussan has been linked to “alien” discovery claims that have since been disproved, including five mummies discovered in Peru in 2017 who were later determined to be human infants.

In a House Oversight Committee hearing on Wednesday, Pentagon leakers made stunning claims of alien technology that defies physics rules and resistance from military leadership against individuals reporting such sightings.

The hearing featured three witnesses: Ryan Graves, a retired Navy pilot, who claims he observed unexplained aerial phenomena off the Atlantic coast “every day for at least a couple years,” David Fravor, an ex-Navy commander who claimed to have seen an object flying across the sky during a 2004 training mission. David Grusch, a former intelligence official who claimed last month that the US has “intact and partially intact” alien vehicles.

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