Udaariyaan 3rd August 2022 Written Episode 444

Udaariyaan  Written Episode

Udaariyaan 3rd August 2022 Update: Udariyan composed update

The present Udaariyaan third August 2022 episode begins with Jasmine doing her theatrics and advising the Virk family that she will remain in Virk house and bring forth Amrik’d child for her sister.

Nimmo remarks on Jasmine needing to do something worth being thankful for subsequent to doing terrible things all through her life.

Jasmine proceeds with her theatrics and says that despite the fact that no one accepts her, she believes should do it while she heard Tejo and Satti’s discussion and it is barren to discover that Tejo.

Jasmine lets Tejo know that she has a condition and lets Tejo know that she should deal with her the entire time.

Everybody embraces Jasmine individually while Fateh believes that she is arranging something of her own.

In the mean time, at the Sandhu house, Rupy lets Satti know that he is certain Jasmine is arranging something of her own as she can’t change in one day and become a holy person.

Simultaneously, Fateh paces in his room asking why Jasmine consented to his arrangement with such ease and assuming she is wanting to imperil his marriage with Tejo once more.

Once more all of a sudden, Tejo comes there with tea for Fateh making him grin to see her.

Fateh advises Tejo to contemplate herself as well and not lose herself in Jasmine and her pregnancy.

Further, Fateh goes for his match while Tejo goes to Treats’ home to return his child to him.

There, Tejo sees Simran tense and persuades her to remain over at the Virk house while sending her to gather her packs.

Afterward, at the Virk house, the doorbell rings, and Tejo goes to open it and sees Amanpreet.

Nonetheless, Tejo doesn’t realize that he is Simran’s ex-fiancee and asks him what his identity is.

Amanpreet begins irritating her seeing her while Simran sees him and goes into shock.

Amanpreet circles Simran and attempts to contact her yet Tejo drives him away while all the relatives show up in the lobby.

He circumvents the relatives and shows them enchantment stunts like an insane individual.

Fateh holds him by the collar and is going to hit him yet Bauji stops him.

Amanpreet calls Fateh mannerless as he sits in the couch and acquaints himself as Candy’s dad with Tejo.

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