Udaariyaan 6th August 2022 Written Episode 447

Udaariyaan Written Episode

Udaariyaan 6th August 2022 Written Update

The present Udaariyaan 6th August 2022 episode begins with Amanpreet showing up at Fateh’s home alongside the police and blaming Simran for pummeling him.

Tejo and others deny the claims however Amanpreet incites the police to capture Simran as she is the person who beat him ruthlessly.

Simran lets the police know that she did nothing as Amanpreet is telling and is experiencing badgering by Amanpreet himself.

Attempting to flip the circumstance, Amanpreet says that everybody is supporting Simran in light of the fact that she is a lady yet he accepts that the police won’t be one-sided.

Amanpreet further shows his injuries to everybody and says that Simran is the person who forced those.

The police illuminate everybody that Amanpreet has likewise held up one FIR against Simran not long before Tejo and Fateh did in another police headquarters.

Seeing Amanpreet grin, Fateh blows his top and attempts to charge onto him yet Tejo prevents him from doing as such.

The police officers sleeve Simran and continue to take her to the police headquarters while everybody keeps on mentioning the police that Amanpreet is lying.

Candy comes hurrying to Simran and prevents her from being taken yet the police actually keep on removing Simran.
Fateh and Buzzo guarantee Simran that they will bail her before the day closures and leave for the police headquarters after Simran.

Afterward, Rupy contacts the adjudicator’s sibling with the goal that they can get an early bail for Simran.
Tejo embraces Treats and attempts to comfort her however Amanpreet endeavors to draw nearer to Sweets.

Let Treats know that he is his dad, Amanpreet attempts to embrace Sweets however moves drove away by Tejo.

Tejo cautions Amanpreet not to come near Candy from this point forward and requests that he take off from their home at the earliest.

In answer, Amanpreet lets Tejo know that he will return soon for Treats and will grab him somehow.

In the interim, Jasmine cries at the facility and second thoughts losing her youngster while Dimple asks her how she will conceal reality from her loved ones.

Tejo calls Jasmine and illuminates her about Simran’s capture and requests that she return home.

Somewhere else, Amanpreet drinks with his men and partakes in his triumph as Simran can’t get out effectively from the prison.

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